Asphalt vs. Concrete Driveway

Why Choose Asphalt Instead of Concrete? Asphalt and concrete are the two most common driveway materials. These two have been widely used for paving highways or runways and now, even a personal driveway for your home. When choosing pavement to install, it is always a question of “what’s better to use?”. This question can be […]

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Top 5 Asphalt Driveway Ideas

We might be biased, but in our opinion, an asphalt driveway is more appealing to the eye when compared to plain concrete. It also offers you a better opportunity to self-design and modify your driveway according to your personal preferences. Doing a little concept design can actually make your asphalt driveway look elegant and sophisticated. To […]

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5 Driveway Edging Designs

There is a large collection of driveway edging designs on the internet and it’s easy to waste time browsing them one by one. To help you narrow your search, here are the most popular driveway edging designs that you may use as inspiration for your new driveway. 1. Solar Light Edged Driveway First on up is a Solar […]

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Excel Asphalt: Your Driveway Solution

Asphalt businesses have become prolific and each company is very competitive.  You can encounter contractors out there who will offer you bargain prices for their paving services, but would this be a good way to save money? Definitely, but what are the tradeoffs? What you should do first is get to know the company, how long […]

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