Asphalt is really versatile, mainly because it’s both flexible and hard wearing. The majority of our clients get asphalt driveways and decorative edging, but we also offer the following:

5. Roads, Carparks & Sports Surfaces, Mornington 2008

Asphalt Car Parks

XLAsphalt are car park paving experts. Only teams with considerable experience can lay car parks. Mass excavation, water run-off, soil integrity and load bearing are all variables that must be considered prior to commencement. There’s also the logistical mapping that we’ll help with, as we know how important it is to get the most car spots from your given project area.

5. Banner iStock 3931387 Road Construction with trees

Asphalt Roads

As with car parks, we have a strong history of commercial and Government infrastructure projects. We’re continually a go-to supplier due to our focus and commitment to quality and timely delivery. As you can imagine, the Government can’t afford to lay unsafe or short lasting roads, that’s why they turn to us in. Private roads can be laid with crushed rock or asphalt, and speed humps can be built to your specifications.

7. Roads, Carparks, & Sports Surfaces, Benton Junior College (1)

Asphalt School Areas

Asphalt is considered ideal for sports surfaces, pathways, court yards due to the high level of grip while still being exceptionally hard wearing and flexible enough to avoid the cracking issues experienced with your typical concrete alternative. The hard wearing nature also stops small rocks working loose, which could potentially become a problem as choking hazard for smaller children.

Tennis Courts

Sports Surfaces

Tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks and even go-kart tracks, we’ve laid them all. It takes a strong skill set to ensure that a given sports surface is perfectly flat from one end to the other. We have the necessary experience to deliver that.

18. Driveways & Pathways, Main Ridge 2009


Asphalt is great for running pathways in both a residential setting and a public/school area one. It’s especially effective for winding over uneven ground, like in public parks, due to the fact it’s flexible and doesn’t require the steel mesh laying and reinforcement that concrete does. It also doesn’t suffer from weeds growing through it, which is common with paving and brick paths.

18. Feature Edging & Decorative Designs_1

Re-sheeting and Repair Work

There are situations where it is necessary to re-work an existing asphalt surface. This will typically occur when the original asphalter skimped on the materials. We’re typically called about twice a week to fix shoddy work laid by our competitors – it’s distressing to think that these people paid the first time around and are now having to pay for rectification, which is why we do a great job the first time and then follow it up with our 5 year warranty.

23. Landscaping, Sandringham 2013

Landscaping and Retaining Walls

While our core service is our asphalting, we’re accomplished at landscaping and are often asked to handle entire outdoor areas. We know what visually compliments asphalt and we have all the tools and experience to create stunning outdoor areas.

Landscaping services include:

  • Retaining walls (sleeper, block, rock and stone)
  • Paving
  • Steps
  • Feature walls
  • Garden edging



Our Services

  • Driveways
  • Car parks
  • School grounds
  • Sports surfaces
  • Roads & speed humps

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